two girls on playground

Summer Programs

The Rhythm and Moves music and physical education program has expanded its education into the summer months. Building skills and confidence that lead to a lifetime of physical activity and wellness, our Summer Program provides a combination of activities to give children exposure to a variety of sports, music and fun movement activities. Our enthusiastic and experienced teachers guide this multi-faceted program to provide an enticing, safe and fun environment for kids to move and learn.

The program can be tailored to fit the needs of each site with flexible planning and scheduling around pre-existing summer schedules:

  • Full Day Scheduling: all sports and/or music programs scheduled daily for week long experiences
  • Half Day Scheduling: all sports and/or music programs scheduled as a half day program in conjunction with summer school programming
  • Hourly Scheduling: scheduled as part of the summer school program as a program option in a summer school schedule

Please contact us to discuss how we can best tailor a program to work for you and your program.