kids playing on a playground


Since its founding in 1984, Rhythm and Moves has become a pioneer in physical education and music education. Throughout the years the curriculum has evolved, offering the best and most comprehensive curriculum in the state of California. The objectives and content have been broadened to include the latest science surrounding physical and health education and music education.

To support the mission of creating lifelong learning, Rhythm and Moves has developed a unique music and physical education curriculum that motivates students by giving them opportunities for self-direction and responsibility. Our standard-based curriculum is divided into units supported by the use of equipment. We believe every student should be provided learning experiences where they manipulate their own piece of equipment to help support learning of the material being taught.

Rhythm and Moves educators provide a structure-based learning environment where students become more engaged in their learning. They develop a deeper sense of lesson mastery, ultimately fueling individual motivation and self-esteem.

Our program continually evolves to include the personality and dialogue from individual teachers, students, parents and communities. It is one of the roles of our program to share the wealth of knowledge we have acquired through more than 30 years as dedicated music and physical education specialists.

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